The Wilderlands


Distant wizards might be good at picking locks, but they are of little assistance in defeating guards. As the group readies their gear, the gruff and burly jailer comes to check out the noise. His heavy club does a number on Lux, twice nearly knocking him senseless, but the curative magic of Ace kept him standing. A barrage of attacks from Bane, Lux, and Errol brought the large warrior down.

The cells in the next room contained a feisty and rude amazon named Shantra. She seems quite confident in her abilities and dismissive of those of her rescuers. She mentioned that she was captured from an alley in the City-State of the Invincible Overlord, where she makes her home. Ace gives her a dagger, which she considers to be a child’s toy, but she is fearless with it when she has to use it in combat.

She gets her chance at the top of the stairs, where a guard unleashes three angry attack dogs on the party. Bane takes a wicked bite, but the group quickly dispatches the dogs, thanks in part to a devastating blow from Ace’s scimitar, which slices one of the dogs in two. The dog handler runs to a door and calls for help, but his cries remain unanswered as Bane’s crossbow bolt drills him to the far wall.

The group decides to bluff their way out of the complex, but Ace trips a poison dart trap which causes him to feel weak. A second after the trap goes off, the southern door bursts open, and a warrior wearing chainmail and bearing a well-crafted longsword attacks, screaming a battle challenge.

Party Experience



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