The Wilderlands


The slavers came to Adderwood without warning. They gave no explanation, and they offered no quarter or pity. They came looking for young men, and those who did not fit that description, they killed. Women, children, and old men all died screaming. Many fought back, but the slavers had the element of surprise, and they hit the village when most of the men were off on the hunt. Some elves from the Dearthwood were trading in town, but the slavers did not discriminate. To them, an elf was as good as a human. They left Adderwood in flames, leaving the few survivors alone in their grief.

For four days, their captives faded in and out of consciousness in the back of a crude wagon. The slavers made sure that their prisoners were kept hungry, thirsty, and wounded to prevent them from offering any resistance. Any effort to talk with their captors was met with a harsh beating.

Wherever they were bound, it was not likely to be pleasant.



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