The Wilderlands

Stealth is not an option

Once the leader of this community of slavers engaged in battle, it was only a matter of time before it became an all-out melee. Four more slavers charged into the fight, only to find that their leader dying from twin wounds inflicted by Bane’s blades. The party cleaves their way through the last remaining guards, with Errol and the Amazon Shantra receiving serious wounds in the process. It will take them at least a half an hour to regain consciousness, and several hours before they are able to move under their own power.

Meanwhile, the loot:

The thugs carried little on their persons, just worn leather armor and cheap shortswords that would barely fetch a few coppers in a market. The leader, however, seems to have been holding all of the slavers’ wealth. He wears a fairly new chain shirt and carries a well-made non-magical longsword. There was a crate in his room with a substantial pile of coins in it. If one takes the time to count, one will discover 2400 silver pieces, 23 gold pieces and a set of amber beads of unknown worth.

Party Experience



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